STOP right there! YOUR WRIST DOES NOT HAVE A BUCKLE. Sizing is the most important part of your bracelet so Please ONLY USE YOUR WRIST TO FIND YOUR WRIST SIZE. There is no need to try and figure out if you should be adding more, or if the buckle will change the measurement, etc. The buckle has nothing to do with your wrist size.
Yes! We now have 74 different colors of paracord currently on hand. And we can special order the others we don't have. There are thousands of color combinations, way too many to list them all. ~~Please click the "contact" text link at the bottom of the page to order a custom colored bracelet.
No, we do not make paracord bracelets by their overall length, as the length of paracord bracelets vary from bracelet to bracelet. The length of a paracord bracelet is just that, the length of a paracord bracelet. It will NEVER be your actual wrist measurement. We have had a few buyers in the past who disregard our instructions and measure the length of their other paracord bracelet or follow someone else’s sizing instructions, which always results in receiving a bracelet that is way too big. Whatever you do, DO NOT MEASURE the Length of your other paracord bracelets, and DO NOT use another seller’s sizing instructions for our bracelets. Start from scratch, measure your wrist!
Yes we do, please contact us if you are interested in more than one of our items.
Shipments are generally made several times throughout the week, weather permitting. (excluding weekends & holidays) Our mailbox is 2 miles from our house and the postal carrier will not pick up our packages, so every package must be taken to the post office. ********Winter Weather Notice******** We live at a 5000 ft elevation and during winter & spring we do get inclement winter snow weather, so there may be a delay in shipping time by a day or two. You will be notified of the delay if this occurs.
Yes! I can make custom sizes. It is difficult to list every size in every color I have, so I have listed some of the more popular wrist sizes. Bracelets can be made for wrists 4" to 9". Please no smaller than 1/8" increments. (Our "Original" thick bracelets are no longer being made, what we have listed are the only ones left, Sorry)
Sorry, no. Remotely sizing a paracord band for a watch is a tricky thing to accomplish, as well as getting the right measurements for the spacing of the watch and its pins. I'm afraid there are very few who will take on this task. :(